Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Look at a Local Legend

Checking back in today with Local Man on the one-year anniversary of his record-breaking commute. The original post, "Local Man Breaks Record", is my personal favorite of the more than one thousand pieces I have written for this blog. (Many thanks to the Columbia Archives, where I found the inspiration for this piece.)


Village Green/Town² : So, Local Man. It would be great to do a one-year follow-up on your remarkable achievement. Do you have any insights or updates you'd like to share?

Local Man: It has been a fantastic year. I've walked to work at least twice per week, excluding some of the really cold months of winter.

Village Green/Town² : What keeps you going?

Local Man: The realization of the beauty of my Village. Working in a community I love. Lunches with my wife and daughter help, too.

Village Green/Town² : Any downside?

Local Man: Well...the worst thing is that the air pollution of car exhaust is more apparent when you walk!

Village Green/Town² : Have you been able to shave any time off of your seventeen-minute record?

Local Man: Looking at my fitbit, it looks like I got it down to 15 minutes, but I normally keep a casual pace.

Village Green/Town² : After a year of almost continuous training, would you say that you're still happy to be following in the footsteps of Columbia Man?

Local Man: Absolutely. I'd say it has been a mighty fine 12 months. Mighty fine, indeed.


Two must-reads on the school system front today:

"Why This Election Matters" by Bill Woodcock, The 53.

"Sweeping changes are needed on the county's school board" by editorial staff, Howard County Times.

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