Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Other Election

This one is for the people who live in Columbia: vote. If today is your village election, don't skip it. Participate. Don't just let it glide by.

If you live in Harper's Choice, I highly recommend Bob Fontaine for CA Rep.

If you live in Oakland Mills, you can read more here about my opinion on the amendments on the ballot. In short, let's not vote to diminish our right to vote.

Bill Woodcock (The 53) has a great piece here on CA elections, which harkens back to an insightful piece by Candace Montague. (From the Scratchpad of an Urban Bushwoman)

Really miss regular postings from Ms. Montague, by the way. Can you hear this, UB? We want you back in the blogosphere.

This morning I'm nursing a bit of a migraine after an impromptu get together at The Second Chance engineered by my husband. Merely saying "it was a wonderful evening" doesn't come close to describing it.

Elections are important. The reasons we work toward elections are more important. Keep your eyes and ears open because that work is ongoing.

But take a moment every now and then to raise a glass with friends.


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