Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Seek and Find

This morning's mystery comes in the form of a photograph. Rather like a hidden picture or a seek-and-find, this picture tells a story worth investigating.

Published by hcpss on Twitter:

Enjoying hanging out at @hcpss_omhs with the Alpha Achievers! @AlphaAchievers1 #CelebrateHCPSS

You know who is missing from this picture? Mr. Vincent James, one of the founders of Alpha Achievers in 1997 and the coordinator of Alpha Achievers at Oakland Mills High School. Let me tell you a little bit about Mr. James.

From an Indiegogo page raising funds for a scholarship in his honor upon his retirement in 2015:

Mr. James teaches the GT Research Program at Oakland Mills High School, guiding interns and independent researchers to pursue their passions and prepare for life after high school. In 1997, he helped found the Alpha Achievers, an honors organization for young minority males. He has served as the Alpha Achievers advisor since, and has been an instrumental role in expanding the organization to every school in Howard County. Mr. James has also advised the Student Government, and taught African American studies at Oakland Mills.

I don't understand why Mr. James would have been left out of this beautifully staged photo opportunity. Alpha Achievers means the world to him. In fact, I've heard from parents that he almost didn't retire because he was so worried about the future of Alpha Achievers at Oakland Mills. That's dedication.

So, in an administration that urges us to focus on "what is strong", where is the Alpha Achievers' strong leader?

Answers, anyone? Also, what special event was the Superintendent commemorating? I'd love to learn more.



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