Monday, April 11, 2016

Five Second Freakout

The Columbia Association is asking people on its Facebook and Twitter accounts:

How long have you lived in Columbia?


Okay, maybe they're just trying to start a conversation but, oh my heavens, it is time to stop asking that question. It is the litmus test to everything in this town. If you go to any sort of community meeting, whether Village, or CA, or one focused around a particular subject, it is the hurdle one must jump over to participate or even express an opinion.

"Oh really? Well, how long have you lived here?"

What are some better questions we could be asking? Well, how about:

Do you vote in Village and CA elections?

That would be timely. I just searched the CA website for "Election 2016" and "Election Date 2016" without success. The Oakland Mills website tells me the election date is April 30th. (Maybe I just know how to navigate the OM site better?)

The Columbia Assocation website states that CA is "Working every day in hundreds of ways to make Columbia an even better place to live, work and play." And I believe that. I really do. But please, please, please stop asking me how long I've lived here.



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