Friday, April 15, 2016


There's a party tonight in Ellicott City and if you're a blogger, a blog reader, or just love to follow the HoCo scene on social media, you should go. It's from five to seven pm at HorseSpirit Arts Gallery. Sign up here. I'd love to go but I work late these days. My Friday night plan involves flopping on the couch and eating leftovers or takeout. You can do better.

Go to the party and then tell me how it went.

Speaking of parties, I had the honor of attending the Howard County Schools Friends of Education reception yesterday afternoon, in support of Vicky Cutroneo. Vicky was recognized as a nominee for the award. You may recall that I nominated her for her work in creating "Mold in Howard County Schools--Information for Parents" and her advocacy on behalf of students, parents, and staff.

Here she is receiving her certificate, flanked by Superintendent ReneƩ Foose and Board Chair Christine O'Connor.

It was a lovely event with punch, cookies, fruit, and plenty of good words about members of our community who give of their time and talents to support our schools. I was glad to have attended, although I just say there's something very odd about the Board of Ed room now that they've remodeled it. There appears to be substantially less room for public seating.

Lovely altar at the front, though.

In closing, for those of you who are looking for something less like a party or a reception, and more like a happening, Early Voting is for you. It's free, you have your choice of locations and days, and you get a sticker.

You, too, can be a friend of education. All you need to do is vote for a better board of ed.

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