Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Miscellany and a Holler

I'm resisting the urge to write about the Presidential race today. That's not really my department. I will say that I am open to reading why people love their candidate, and the qualities and qualifications that make that person the best. I am oh, so everlastingly tired of nasty smear articles about the candidates they don't like. These will convince no one and do nothing but spread ill will. Can we agree that we don't need any more ill will?

There. I'm done venting.

The school system appears to have started some kind of initiative against irresponsible use of social media, which is kind of hilarious if you really think about it. I'll have more to say about that later in the week.

Early voting continues through Thursday in Howard County. Vote! Tell your friends, neighbors, and coworkers that everyone, even unaffiliated voters, can participate in the Board of Education election. If you have already voted--thank you. I'm putting you in charge of motivating someone else.

County Executive Kittleman has put money in the next budget for a new snow-plow tracker. Something in the order of 1.2 million. It's hard to think about that when yesterday was reaching up towards 80, but--what do you think? Do we need one? I think that, if it works, it's nifty thing to have when you're snowed in and trying to assess your options.

Finally, my husband, Richard McCready, has written a book on creating your own music with music technology. It arrived from Amazon yesterday. We're pretty jazzed about it. I've written before about his commitment to reaching out to "the other 80 per cent" of kids who aren't involved in music by the time they reach high school. Music technology is an appealing and successful way to engage students who might think there's no place in music for them.

A special HoCo Holler to him and to all the Howard County teachers who go the extra mile and find a way to do the best for their students.


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