Saturday, April 16, 2016

Do As I Say

Word has reached me that the candidate for CA Board in Harpers Choice, Alan Klein, is circulating campaign materials which are less than truthful. (That's the most polite way to say it.) As he faces down opponent Bob Fontaine, Mr. Klein's plan appears to be to sow fear and misconceptions. Having read what he is peddling, I'd like to offer the following observations:

1. Klein is consistently critical of the Columbia Association. He attacks it for not representing residents, not adhering to Rouse's vision, not operating transparently.

2. Klein demands return of "Symphony Woods" to "CA control."

This makes no sense. After spending so much time and effort convincing us that the Columbia Association is not to be trusted, why on earth would voters wish to entrust them with the care of Merriweather Park in Symphony Woods? You just can't have it both ways, Mr. Klein. In being so thoroughly critical of everything, Mr. Klein's underlying message seems to be: give control of CA to me. Give control of Symphony Woods to me. No one else can be trusted.

Life experience has taught me to run from people who operate like this.

Oh, and one more thing. I find it extremely odd that Mr. Klein, a champion of honesty and transparency, has been leaving comments on this blog under an assumed name. The ColumbiaWatcher account was ID'd by the late blogger Dennis Lane in February of 2013 as belonging to Alan Klein.

Responding to my post on March 19th, he writes:

ColumbiaWatcher is about control. Klein is fighting to keep community control of Symphony Woods through the Columbia Association, our HOA. Fontaine is fighting to keep Symphony Woods in the control of a private corporation (the Inner Arbor corporation) with no transparency or accountability to the community. I am with Klein!

Responding to my post on April 2nd, he writes:

    Can we just pause for a moment to let the irony of this sink in?

    Mr. Klein thinks I don't understand much about the spirit and values of Columbia. Well, it's safe to say that I know full well that skulking about on local blogs under an assumed name is not the picture of transparency and accountability.

    If you live in Harpers Choice, please do not vote for this man. Tell your friends. His opponent Bob Fontaine is highly qualified, experienced, and known for working well with others. And he puts his own name on all his work.

    I like that.

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