Saturday, August 16, 2014

Follow Up

This question came up yesterday on Facebook after a friend read my blog post. I thought it would be good to share in with a wider audience.


Well, did Ms. Delmont-Small do these things, these things that were purportedly illegal, and not distribute info that should have been distributed so that meeting would have been better attended? Is there any weight to Ms. DeLacey's claims? If so, then where should she take her complaints? Educate me, please, so that I see what you see....


No, she did nothing illegal. Allowing a teacher to speak at a meeting of delegates of a Parent Teacher Association is not illegal. Nothing was said that hadn't already been published in the newspaper. Equal time was given to representatives from the Board and Central Office. Ms. Delmont-Small and the Board of PTACHC are there to help parents make the best choices for their children, so their goal is to ask questions, entertain more than one point of view, encourage lively discussion and deep thinking for the sole purpose of supporting our children in school. Allowing a discussion of pros and cons of The Common Core is not illegal, either. And where she stands on the Affordable Care Act is, dare I say, irrelevant to the matter at hand. Ms. DeLacy makes assertions that are just plain inaccurate--I know people who were at the Superintendent's meeting that she claims no one attended. It is extremely difficult to tell what parts of the letter are mistakes and what are deliberate falsehoods.

In addition to the letter smearing Ms. Delmont-Small and the PTA Council of Howard County, Ms. DeLacy has been keeping busy this summer bearing false witness against Paul Lemle of the HCEA and fellow Board Member Cindy Vaillancourt.(Yes, I have concrete proof in writing.) I find it odd that although she claims to be concerned about the propriety of what should or should not be discussed openly during negotiations with HCEA, she has been actively spreading rumors and spinning false narratives all the while.

In fact, I am now extremely suspicious that Ms. DeLacy may be the source of this piece by Armstrong Williams that I wrote about on July 14th. It follows the same pattern of inflammatory language, creating false narratives, casting suspicion, and overall character assassination that we see in her other work. You may recall that this piece even includes a swipe at County Executive Ken Ulman.

This kind of behavior truly taints the work of our entire Board of Education and Superintendent Foose. And since Ms. DeLacy claims to speak for Dr. Foose, it paints a very ugly picture of what our school system has become. Teachers come back to work on Monday. Students start the following week. What on earth can we say to them about who is minding the store on our behalf?







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