Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hide and Seek

Yet again I have learned something from Twitter just by following an interesting thread.


@iankennedy7: In the vein of "Columbians gonna Columbia" (i.e. complain), no bike racks @columbiawfm is unfortunate. #WFMColumbia


@howardjp: @iankennedy7 @ColumbiaWFM Which is especially bad since the bridge over 29 pulls right up to the back of the building.

@chrisbachmann: @howardjp @iankennedy7 @ColumbiaWFM Bike racks at lake k in general would be nice. And ones that are not hidden from view.

@iankennedy7: @chrisbachmann could you imagine what would happen if we hid parking lots like we hide bike racks? actually, maybe more people would ride...

@ColumbiaWFM: @chrisbachmann @howardjp @iankennedy7 Thanks for the feedback, guys! I'm going to pass this along and see what we can do!

@iankennedy7: @ColumbiaWFM @chrisbachmann @howardjp Thanks! Tweet was not a slight towards you specifically; symptom of a broader problem here/in suburbia

@ColumbiaWFM: @iankennedy7 @chrisbachmann @howardjp Absolutely! Thanks for being awesome and bringing it to our attention :)

@ColumbiaWFM: @iankennedy7 @chrisbachmann @howardjp I found them!

@Lanny: @iankennedy7 I was at @ColumbiaWFM on Saturday and took delight in the fact that they DO have bike racks! I saw them on side toward fountain

@iankennedy7: @Lanny @ColumbiaWFM That's great! didn't see them out front but glad to know they're there.


I never considered bike racks because I don't bike. So I just wasn't looking at the situation from that point of view. Now I think I will be on the lookout for them. Where are they placed? Are they conveniently located? Are they easy to find? If we want to encourage more walking and biking and less dependence on individual cars, how should this shape such decisions?

What I learned: finding bike racks is sometimes a game of hide and seek, and Columbia Whole Foods Market has a great social media person. One might even say "awesome".

P.S. This year's Columbia Bikeabout is September 13th. Learn more here. The ride finishes up at the Wilde Lake Old Fashioned Family Picnic. I feel reasonably certain there will be a place to park your bike.




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