Monday, February 9, 2015

Clarksville Happenings

On 32 North, past 108,

at one pm a twist of fate

Brought a mom and her daughter (learning to drive)

And a truck with a box with a sheep inside.

How did it happen? No one knew

if the truck hit a bump but out it flew

Flew through the air and fell to the side

From the truck flew the box with the sheep inside.

Did you see what happened? Does any one know?

Was the sheep okay by the side of the road?

(It doesn't seem safe to try your luck

With a sheep in a box in the back of a truck.)

Past 108, on Route 32

Marks the landing spot of the sheep who flew

Eye witness reports say the sheep survived--

It's truly amazing that sheep's alive.

White sheep, black spots

An unusual sight

Was returned to the box then strapped down tight

In the bed of the truck for a safer ride.

That truck with the box with the sheep inside.





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