Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gateway Musings

As the snow comes down this morning, it might be a good time to remind you:

Yes, it's Colonel Gateway again, photographed during last Saturday's snowstorm. I put out a message on Twitter inquiring as to his whereabouts, because I was worried about how he was weathering the storm. I must say he was quick to oblige with a photo and this tweet:

@ColGateway: I appreciate your concern @macsmom ! It takes more than a cold front to keep the Colonel down. #hocosnow

It's true that I am completely taken by this whimsical parody account. It's the kind of positive-minded silliness that Columbia needs more of. And I'm also fascinated by ADG Creative's "Love for the Gateway" music video. There's got to be more to all this. Where is it going? How will it unfold?

Yesterday I was driving my daughter to a doctor's appointment and I spied a sign low to the ground. I didn't have time to focus on it, but I thought it had a Canada goose on it. A clue? More information? I had to know.

Okay, here's what I think. It's time for ADG Creative to reach out to Jessie Newburn to arrange to host a local blog party. We've never had an event in the Gateway. What better way to show some love than to bring folks from all over Howard County to socialize in one of the Gateway's fine dining establishments? An event for bloggers will generate social media buzz and blog posts. And, if Colonel Gateway makes an appearance--I think the local press might be interested.

In the meantime, if you happen to be snowed in today, I offer for your contemplation Bill Woodcock's suggestion:

And incidentally, how about this one: create an 11th Columbia village in the Columbia Gateway area? Gateway is a great area for commercial development but perhaps an industrial park or two could become a couple of town home developments, condos and apartments? It might be a small village in terms of residents, but a big one in terms of commercial space and the availability of jobs. Residences there ought to be in high demand.

I'm all on board for this if it includes ample space for bouncy castles.



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