Saturday, February 28, 2015

I Just Don't Care

Is it possible that there are some things that this blogger doesn't care about? Yes, yes there are. And here's a current list, in no particular order:


  • House of Cards
  • Reality TV shows
  • Awards Shows
  • How the next Presidential race is shaping up
  • What the new fashion colors are
  • Charity social events*
  • Getting more followers on Twitter
  • Most (but not all) sports
  • Having the best lawn in the neighborhood
  • Television news

*Wait--although I find myself rather lethargic due to this never-ending winter, with no desire to find, let alone put on a suitable cocktail dress, I still strongly support tonight's Evening in the Stacks at the Miller Branch Library. You can buy a ticket up until five pm today. It's always a fun time and it supports our fabulous library system. My pick for this year's Celebrity Bartender? Bita Dayhoff, of course.



Now, for something I do care about. I read this obituary last week and it stood out to me as a particularly significant lesson for Black History Month. Please take a moment to read about the life of William M. Hall. I promise you will learn things you didn't know. What a wonderful man he must have been.






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