Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Bright Spot

I had a bad day yesterday. You know, one of those days where it feels as though the forces of darkness are winning. I went to bed feeling powerless and defeated. As I said rather plaintively on Facebook, "Bad people make me sad."

But here's a ray of sunlight. This video, posted by The Globe and Mail, caught my attention yesterday. It is the story of a man who suffers from focal dystonia and how his life has been transformed through a treatment that involves music and dance.

It's not long. Click the link above and watch it.

As I scanned the comments, two leapt out at me.

Music ..... magic in so many ways.. we aren't even close to untapping its potential.


Thank you for sharing this. The power of music and dance is so healing. I am so happy for this man and others who have discovered that there are alternative therapies to help one heal! It is just sad that many school boards want to get rid of the music curriculum and we all know growing up with it, even if one was not great at it, that it taught us many other and different wonderful gifts we possess. It truly is a healing art! Music is "The Mother Of All Science"!

Even on bad days, the power of good is working somewhere. And we can chose to work with it. To quote a friend, "Have a great day doing what you love."

Some days, that's all there is.

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