Sunday, March 29, 2015

Time for Foolishness

This blog pays frequent visits to locations on the lunatic fringe. There's my advocacy for HiPiHoCo. There's my friendship with GingerBread Girl. I've waxed eloquent about Wacky Wednesdays. I've likened local residents to oddly-shaped grains of sand. It's not all straightforward over here at VG/TS, and I like it that way.

It's no surprise that I jumped on the Col Gateway Twitter account with glee. This is the kind of stuff I live for--local, silly, a little bit mysterious. I love those quirky things that make Columbia and Howard County different, more interesting than our neighbors in Maryland. I've written about our illustrious Colonel twice. (Here and here.) I even had the opportunity to chip in my two cents in Amanda Yeager's Columbia Flier article about the Col Gateway phenomenon.

As you can see, in my second post I suggested:

Okay, here's what I think. It's time for ADG Creative to reach out to Jessie Newburn to arrange to host a local blog party. We've never had an event in the Gateway. What better way to show some love than to bring folks from all over Howard County to socialize in one of the Gateway's fine dining establishments? An event for bloggers will generate social media buzz and blog posts. And, if Colonel Gateway makes an appearance--I think the local press might be interested.

Clearly Col Gateway was way ahead of me on that one. This Wedesday, April 1st, he's having a meet-and-greet in the Gateway at Aida Bistro. And here's Jessie Newburn extending an invitation to the local blog community. Remember, that means both bloggers and their readers, so sign up to attend! There'll be a vintage photo booth, Col. Gateway merch giveaways, and as always, great food, drinks, and conversation.

HoCoHouseHon and I be there, of course. I'm hoping to have my picture taken with another local legend.



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