Friday, October 16, 2015


(Breaking the third wall here, walks down towards audience.)

I don't consider the things I write here as the be-all and end-all on any topic. I write to express my opinion, which may be impassioned, and I am always hopeful to start a conversation. Just because I have a strong opinion does not mean that I think it's my way or the highway.

Yesterday Oakland Mills community activist Karen Gray spent a long time both here and on Facebook outlining an opposing point of view as to the $50,000 sought by Oakland Mills from the County Budget. She has put a lot of thought into her position. She has a lot of experience to back that up. She could be "right." I could be "right".

The reader gets to decide for themselves.

As for me, a pattern of behavior by this board leadership has brought me to a point that I feel that a change in Board Leadership is the best possible outcome for the future of Oakland Mills. I laid out examples of some of that behavior for you yesterday. I've reached my "Network" moment with their style of leadership.

My concern is that, even with County involvement and a County process, OM Board Leadership will be given pride of place at every turn. They will be having secret meetings behind the scenes. They will be leaking their own agenda to the press. They will shape the conversation; they will poison the process. And that is not a good long-term investment for Oakland Mills or the County.

So that's where I stand. But it's clear that mine is not the only point of view on this. Readers, especially residents of Oakland Mills, need to decide what they think is best. If you want to weigh in, the Council Meeting is Monday night. The Council Bill CB 42-2015.

To be clear: the County Council has absolutely no jurisdiction over our elected Oakland Mills Village leadership. But they will be deciding whether this particular project is a good investment at this time. What do you think?

(Action resumes.)


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