Friday, October 9, 2015


There was a great conversation on Twitter last night stemming from the Choose Civility event at the Miller Branch Library. "Would You Say That to my Face?" took a look at online civility. If you want to catch up, you can follow @MickeyGomez, who was live-tweeting, and/or search the hashtag #hococivil.

HCPSS is clearly the media winner this week, with three separate stories percolating.

I'm not going to go into those in depth right now, but it's interesting to note that if you search the "Rate My Teachers" site for the teacher in question, a number of things come up in student reviews which are absolutely red flags for abuse. We all tend to roll our eyes at reviews like this, perhaps questioning their validity, but this is quite telling.

I must say, all that extra money the school system is spending on public relations/media presence is really paying off. There's hardly a week that they're not in the headlines.

Touching again on online civility, I want to express my disgust with an online commenter on the HoCoTimes digital edition. This person saw fit to respond to an article about local government by criticizing the weight and physical appearance of the subject of the article, rather than address the issue being discussed. I find this behavior loathesome.

And, to finish off the week, a cursory glance at Twitter tells me that Long Reach local James Howard has thrown his hat in the ring for Speaker of the House of Representatives. As if that weren't enough levity, so has Town Center celebrity Ms. Frizz.



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