Monday, October 5, 2015

Interim Report, Part Two

On September 10th I wrote about the implementation of Canvas and Synergy in the Howard County Schools. If this topic interested you, I highly recommend this article by Lisa Philip of the Howard County Times.

"Howard County school system rushed rollout of new software, teachers say"

It's a far cry from the original piece published by HoCoTimes.

"Howard school system gives high marks to new software"

This is where being a subscriber to the digital edition really pays off. If you can, read the article and the comments. As you know, I generally take a dim view of anonymous comments. But it looks as though they are being used here by teachers who might face very real retribution were their names known.

What do you think? If you are a parent, how are Canvas and Synergy working for you and your student? Are you satisfied with this expenditure of public funds? If not, how do you think this should be addressed?

A lot of questions for a Monday. Go ahead, have some coffee first.


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