Thursday, October 8, 2015

It's a Happening

"Downtown Columbia is where it's at!"

So reads the homepage for the Within Reach Festival, to be held Saturday, October 17th, in the Amercian City Parking lot, from 4-10 pm. Live music, local beer, and food from local chefs in a beautiful Lakefront setting. I'm fascinated by this.

Howard Hughes is in the process of developing the last bit of residential property in Columbia. The Metropolitan is open, the Crescent Neighborhood has broken ground. Who will live here?

The Within Reach Festival gives us a hint that Howard Hughes is looking to appeal to young, "hip" folks with some disposable income to take a chance on Columbia.

It might be a hard sell for a generation who are embracing urban life, walkability, bikeability, and decent transit. But maybe, just maybe, there are people who would consider Columbia if we just got them here and showed them what it was all about.

The future of Columbia depends on bringing a younger generation into the mix. Does an event like this bring that likelihood within reach? I think it's worth a shot.

But does anyone say "where it's at" anymore?


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