Friday, July 28, 2017

The New Market

Have  you been to the newest of the Howard County Farmers Markets? It's on Thursday afternoons at Clarksville Commons. As loyal as I am to the Oakland Mills Market, I just had to make the trek to Clarksville yesterday when I that they were adding live music to the mix.

My family and I really went for the music, truth be told, but what can you expect in a family of musicians? We're fans of the band, Dog Park All-Stars, a local duo consisting of Mickey Gomez and  Aaron Barnett. (I hear there was a little audience participation after we left.) If you want to hear them and visit the new market, you're in luck. They'll be back August 17th.

Actually, we may need to go back, too, because we were so focused on the music that we didn't do the local vendors justice. My daughter and I enjoyed our first ice cream from Scoop and Paddle. I had Chocolate Covered Strawberry. The flavor and texture (mouth-feel?) were wonderful, but overall it was a bit too sweet for my taste. Maybe we'll try again in August and compare notes.

While we were there we tried out YouPizza, one of the new businesses at Clarksville Commons. It's another addition to the very-fast, pick your own toppings pizza experience. (Think Mod Pizza and Pie5.) The customer service was excellent and the pizza was tasty. My husband was able to eat all of his pizza in one go but I suspect this is because he hadn't had any lunch. My daughter and I both had pizza left over to take home. As we were leaving, lots of folks were streaming in. It looks to be off to a successful start.

One thing, though. Can someone explain these bathroom doors to me?

Actually, don't. I'm pretty sure I know what they mean and it's stupid and unnecessary. With all the problems we have in our society right now around rest rooms, this is not even remotely amusing. This pizza is fine. You can get similar pizza elsewhere in town without being insulted by the restroom. Just a thought.

In summary: we'll be back to the market, and next time we'll come prepared to really shop. As to YouPizza? Not so sure on that.

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