Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Wrong Side

Of the bed, that is.

For some reason today has begun as the kind of day when I would like more sleep and more coffee and a complete do-over. There's no particular reason. The sky is clear and beautiful. I can hear birds singing outside. I had what one might think is a reasonable night's sleep.

But my thoughts are all a-jumble. There's nothing emerging in my brain as the topic of today's post. Of course there ar lots of dribs and drabs floating around competing with one another. A sampling:

The Howard County Food Bank needs your donations of food and/or $ .
The Horizon Foundation has kicked off the Changemaker Challenge.
You can support How Girls Code tomorrow evening by dining in or out at Tino's.
Sign up to attend the next HoCo Blogs Party, August 21st at Bare Bones Grill and Brewery.

And, on a non-local note, a recommended read: On Paralysis and Perfection, by Jennie Barrett.

See you tomorrow when I will (most likely) get out of the right side of the bed.

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