Saturday, July 1, 2017

To Market, To Market

Have you been to the Breezy Willow Farm Country Market? I finally got around to it this week. It's located in Ellicott City: 9090 Frederick Road. I think there used to be a second hand store in this space. It's across from Rita's and not too far from St. John's Episcopal church, if that helps you get your bearings.

To be completely honest, I stopped in because I hankering for a new flavor of Neat Nick Preserves, having plowed through the Hot Toddy Apple Butter and with the Lady Anne's Rum Punch soon to follow the same fate. And I wasn't disappointed. There were plenty of jars in the Pantry room and even a few displayed right by the checkout. My pick: Maple Cinnamon Blueberry Butter.

But there's more than jam on offer at this store. Look for local meat, cheeses, milk, eggs, bread, produce, and more. I picked up my favorite spread, baba ghanoush, made by Umami in Catonsville. It's a fun little store with just enough variety to make it worth a stop on a regular basis.

A few years ago my daughter and I split a CSA share from Breezy Willow. While we loved everything we got, it was just too much food for us. We were overwhelmed! When I shared this information while I was having my purchases rung up, the proprietor said they had started a new size of share in response to customer requests. In addition to Whole or Half you can get Medium. That's good to know, because we could probably handle that better between our two households.

Two more things before I sign off:

Howard County Summer Theatre is presenting Mary Poppins at Mount Hebron High School, click here for tickets. HoCoMoJo's own Dave Bittner plays Mr. Banks.

Today is the fiftieth birthday of a friend of this blog who also helps to keep me sane: my husband Richard. I could write an entire post about him--and I have--but today I want to celebrate his love of family and music, his joy in living, teaching, and sharing, his delight in laughing and seeing humor, and his helping nature for anyone he comes across in life.

That's truly a lot to celebrate. Happy Birthday, Richard!

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