Monday, November 13, 2017

A Bit of a Weekend

I’d like to start out the week by thanking whoever nominated me for a spot in Baltimore Sun’s Crabbies . (Formerly the Mobbies) I’m not actively campaigning this year, but seeing the blog mentioned was a lovely boost to my spirits.

Today is my eighteenth wedding anniversary, which means that I have lived in Columbia for eighteen years. Where do I go to pick up my “I’ve lived here long enough to speak out on local issues” card? Eighteen years seems weighty enough to have one’s opinions heard at a resident speak-out.

My husband and I enjoyed an early anniversary dinner at Flavors of India on Friday night. You may already know that they are under new management. The side room that was once reserved for private parties is now open and brightly lit. A little too bright, for my tastes. However, when we requested a table in the other, gently lit dining room, they rushed to comply, moving tables and chairs to make it possible.

If I have any complaints about the new Flavors of India it would be that they are too helpful. I felt like we were waited on and being checked up on by at least four different people. There was way too much “yes, ma’am” subservience for my taste. My husband thought it was sweet. It made me anxious. The food itself was wonderful, although I think the “green sauce” recipe has changed for the worse...

On Saturday we stopped by what used to be Chip Smyth Jewelers in the Ellicott City shopping center  where White Oak Tavern is. My husband wanted to get his wedding ring resized, and that is where we bought our rings all these many years ago. We knew it wasn’t “Chip Smyth”anymore, but we didn’t know it wasn’t there at all anymore. Smyth Jewelers has moved to Turf Valley.

So off we went to Turf Valley to find the jewelry store in a quaint shopping area that looks a bit like the Avenue in White Marsh. And yes, we had never had any reason to go there before. To us, Turf Valley might as well be on the other side of the planet. As we turned off of Route 40 I noted the signature tower at the entrance. A flood of memories of old Wordbones posts about Turf Valley rushed through my head. Must go back and re-read those.

Just an ordinary HoCo weekend. With a celebratory feeling.

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