Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Holiday Mash-Up

I was running an errand over by the Chrysalis yesterday, so I thought I’d stop by and see how she was doing. (Are buildings “she” like ships?)  As I drove up the hilly drive off of South Entrance Road I saw signs of the upcoming Symphony of Lights lining the roadway. I have so many happy family memories of driving through the lights. Those candy canes feel like old friends.

When I reached the parking lot there was a definite change in mood. The decorations from CarnEvil were still on site. I went from Christmas to Halloween in seconds. Move over, candy canes. The skeletons are holding the fort at the Chrysalis, at least for now. The late afternoon light gave an eerie feeling to the scene. I fully expected zombies to emerge from an abandoned tent.

I should have taken photographs but I’m not sure I could have done the juxtaposition of Christmas/Halloween justice. It was truly creepy. It made me wonder if those work trailers are populated with Nightmare Before Christmas types who only come out when no one is around.

Soon the transition to holiday splendor will be complete. The Symphony of Lights will welcome drive-throughs, walkers, strollers, even pets for another year of one of my favorite Columbia traditions. What are your favorite holiday activities in Columbia/Howard County?

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