Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Table Talk

Well, not the serious news. But news just the same. These might be more fun to talk about at the dinner table tomorrow than national news.

From Twitter:

Howard County, MD. 
approx. 4:06pm. 
7 adolescent boys seen pouring ice down their driveway and sledding down it on trash can lids.

Anyone out there who is the parent of an adolescent boy should feel free to explain this to me. I’ve just had girls and the craziest thing that has happened so far involved our dining room light fixture and a makeshift Xena Warrior Princess “staff” fashioned from an old broom handle.

From Facebook: 

At the Board offices- a small herd of lovely black horses gallop across the ARL and through the BOE yard.  When I left the police had traffic stopped, the horses were calmly munching grass, and the security and risk management people were looking for rope.  I would pay money to see them lassoing those sweeties.  As long as they are safe, all's well that ends well.

The horses were quietly wrangled and are home safely. 

From Columbia Patch:

Howard County Executive Wants Input On 2019 Budget

Poor man. He doesn’t get to have any input on the budget? 

Oh, wait.

He wants your input on the budget. I was feeling sorry for him for a minute there.

Longtime HoCo Blogger Bill Woodcock of The 53 is apparently contemplating winding down his blogging years, to conclude with coverage of the 2018 election. I don’t plan anything that far in advance!

HoCoMoJo mogul and producer of the Elevate Maryland podcast Ilana Bittner led a spirited discussion on Facebook by asking this question:

That bread dish that you cook inside the turkey, sometimes made from cornbread. What do you call that?  #thanksgiving #linguistics

That could be a pleasant a relatively painless topic of conversation. See also: gravy boats.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday. 

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