Thursday, November 16, 2017


This week’s Columbia Flier is sad, just sad. As a local blogger I should probably go into detail for you explaining why. At the moment I’m too demoralized by its awfulness. Let me just say that it is not the fault of our local journalists. This problem is far bigger than they are.

Big surprise: no men commented on yesterday’s post about the lack of men engaging with posts by women bloggers. (Specifically my post on Tuesday about sexual harassment.). I know we’re all surprised about that.

My husband is being honored this afternoon at the BOE meeting for being chosen one of School Band and Orchestra Magazine’s 50 Directors Who Make A Difference. I haven’t been to a Board Meeting since this particular board was sworn in. It will be interesting to get a feel for how things are going.

Yesterday the faculty of the Lower School where I work had a very frank discussion about not perpetuating long-established falsehoods about the Thanksgiving narrative. We were encouraged to go through our classroom libraries and make sure we weren’t holding on to old books that re-enforced cultural stereotypes. I continue to be amazed and grateful to be working at this school.

There’s some kind of celebration goin on at Black Flag Brewing Company this evening for those of you who donated to bring turkeys to those in need in our community. You can learn more here. Sounds fun but I continue to nurse this extremely tenacious cold and cough so it is probably a no for me.

Podcaster and sometime blogger Candace Dodson-Reed is pondering fascinating hocolocals to write about in her annual year-end post. I don’t know about you, but I continue to be fascinated by Ms. Frizz of @eye_on_kq . Who would you pick?

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