Saturday, January 27, 2018


The first Cosmopolitan is the declaration that it is, at long last, Date Night. The second one is an indication that I have lost all good sense and I will feel like hell in the morning. 

All righty, then.

I want to ask you all a favor this morning. I have received an email from a local student.

This year I am taking a journalism class online, and am covering the water main breaks in the city for a news story.  I was directed to your blog by my journalism instructor who thought that you might be able to put me in contact with local business owners or others who have been affected.  

I have spoken with some business owners in Baltimore whose businesses shut down because of water main breaks.  If you could point me to a business in Columbia that was affected, that would be best.  I heard from the utilities director in Howard County that the issue here was majorly residential so I am having trouble identifying businesses that were affected.  I do not know any homeowners who were affected. 

I don’t truly have any connections in the world of water main breaks. Do you? Any suggestions? Leads? I’d love to be able to support this budding journalist if I can.

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