Thursday, January 4, 2018

Snow Day Shoutouts

First of all: Happy New Year! I don’t believe I remembered to pass along my good wishes to you, my loyal readers. May it be a good one, full of love, joy, meaningful work and just enough time to get out there and make “some good trouble” in the community to make our world a better place.

I was briefly stunned by the announcement that schools are closed today. Yesterday was my first day back. I didn’t even have time to adjust to the old workday routine! In a way I am grateful, because the brutally cold temperatures make it impossible to get the kind of outdoor play that young children so desperately need. In a perfect world all schools will have large and amply-equipped indoor playgrounds. Just a thought.

Happy Four Year Anniversary to Scott E’s Blog! He combined his affinity for stats and an interest in local politics with a zest for social media and created something new with his Social Media Scorecards for local candidates. I imagine he’s getting pretty excited with the next election cycle gearing up. A few years ago Scott helped me promote a contest I was having to generate interest in the annual Wilde Lake Jazz Concert.

Speaking of contests, when are you going to enter my caption contest? Deadline is January 5th at midnight! Prize is a $25.00 gift certificate to the Second Chance Saloon. How hard can it be?


A very happy eighteenth birthday to the daughter of local blogger/podcaster Candace Dodson Reed. Those of us who are lucky enough to know Candace have been following her daughter’s many accomplishments over the years. I feel confident in saying that she is destined for great things. Look out, world!

A hearty HoCo Holler to the folks on Clarksville Happenings who worked together to help get two adventurous dogs home last night before the storm.

Per a neighbor, A Dalmatian and boxer type dog have been seen running through the neighborhood of Simpson woods along meadow wood way. Is anyone missing their dogs??? It’s going to be very cold tonight. Hoping we can get these dogs home.

As much as I bemoan the misuse of social media for online political smears and general, all-around meanness, it’s this kind of “it takes a village” cooperation that just restores my faith in human nature. Three cheers to everyone involved for their tail-wagging goodness.

Finally, three (local) things I am grateful for today: my daughter’s school, the Oakland Mills Community Association, and the Howard County Libraries. Who is on your local list?

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