Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Not a Political Post

I am not a political blogger. I am a community blogger, and, for the most part, I don’t enjoy campaign seasons. There’s too much posturing. It’s hard to tell what is genuine involvement and what is artifice. People who once appeared to be relatively normal now seem to be selling something. Some candidates attend events to be informed, others to be photographed for use on social media.

Participation in our political process is incredibly important. But sometimes as I watch it seems to be too much of a charade.

There are other bloggers who will do analysis or statistics. You’ll almost always find me covering the odd human interest story buried behind the headlines. For instance, why are so many Democratic candidates wearing green neckties this year? It seems to be a trend.

Public service is an honorable calling. “Politics”, when it comes to the long haul of campaigning, can be the ugly side of the process that makes many of us, including the candidates themselves, wonder if it’s worth it. If I have any political advice to give at this point it is this: beware a candidate who knows everything. People who start out believing they know everything will have little time for learning from others.

If you’re not willing to learn from others you shouldn’t be in public service.

How do you feel about “political season” in HoCo? Love it? Hate it? Endure it? Let me know:

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