Monday, January 22, 2018

Did You Hear What I Heard?

I’ve heard some rumors over the weekend that some of the recently ousted (by popular vote) BOE members may be considering getting into the upcoming race. I must say that I hope this is merely idle gossip. And, should these rumors have any basis in truth, I propose this question:

Yes, that’s me, outside the Board of Ed. It’s also me, using a rudimentary photo-editing app. Any former BOE members entering the race should expect this and many other uncomfortable questions to be asked. Considering that not one of them ever answered such questions adequately while in office, I don’t see a way that they would do so now.

“By their fruits you shall know them.”

When you realize that the actions of our former Board were part of the inspiration for Governor Hogan proposing an Education Inspector General for Maryland Public Schools, the thought that these individuals might be considering a return to public life boggles the mind.

Again, this might be nothing but a rumor. I sure hope so.

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