Friday, July 20, 2018

Another Farewell

These are the words of Kate Magill:

When you're in person covering a school mtg & are also streaming a gov't mtg b/c you're the only reporter on staff and are literally trying to be in 2 places at once.

These are also the words of Kate Magill:

My turn for *personal news* 

Tomorrow is my last day at @HoCoTimes. I've loved covering Howard County, but am excited for my next adventure spending a year in Shanghai, China.

Ms. Magill has burned brightly and burned her candle at both ends while covering our community for the Howard County Times. She has done at least the work of two reporters for much of the time she’s been here. 

And now, like the talented journalists before her, she is moving on.

I hesitate to lament this state of affairs because, every time I do, a host of helpful men take to the comments and explain how I just don’t understand journalism today. 

I do understand, really I do, oh helpful and knowledge men. I am grateful for every single journalist who has put in the time going to meetings and tracking down information and getting the quotes. I’m grateful for time and talent and effort and I wish it didn’t have to be too much work for too little pay.

I long for stable journalistic continuity in a world when that is nigh unto impossible.

Yes, I susbscribe. I encourage others to subscribe. Frequently. I am putting my money where my mouth is. 

Thank you, Ms. Magill. You have taken on our issues and our challenges and crises. You have had to deal with our quirks and foibles. You have certainly earned a chance to go and do something different. 

But we will miss you. 

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