Monday, July 9, 2018

Not Quite

I’m working on a longer piece. It’s not ready yet. Boy, do I ever hate that feeling on a Monday morning.

Yesterday I took my daughter out for her first behind the wheel driving lesson. I was very grateful for the peace and quiet of the Oakland Mills Middle School parking lot. It would have been perfect except for the rather large man buzzing by on a really tiny motorcycle. What’s up with that?

Also yesterday: was told off on two separate occasions by two different men for having “motives” or an “agenda” when, in fact, they did not know me or my thoughts from a hole in the ground. Twice in one day seems excessive, but perhaps I wish too much from conversations on Facebook.

Close races seem to abound this year, and not just in Howard County. If you’d like to learn more about John Olszewski, who holds a nine vote lead in the Baltimore County Executive Race, you can listen to his interview on the Elevate Maryland podcast.

Community blogger and expert on growing and eating local AnnieRie is back with a new post after several months away. I’m looking forward to more.

Bill Woodcock of The 53 Blog wrote an interesting and balanced piece about the political primary which you can read here, although I lament the fact the Councilwoman (future State Delegate) Jen Terrasa didn’t warrant a mention. Sigh.

Noted local architect and all-around hometown hero Bob Moon had a Birthday over the weekend. He certainly got the best in Columbia weather! I know that his family were, like me, big fans of the now-defunct Tomato Palace at the Lakefront. I hope they found a new perfect spot to celebrate.

Facebook memories reminded me that on this date in 2011 I suggested this for the park that was being planned in Symphony Woods: a musical playground. I still want this! And I’m sure I could have it if I could fund it myself and if it weren’t perceived to be a noise hazard by the folks who, you know, live nearby and don’t like music.

Well, if I win the lottery and install a musical playground I’ll have the money to buy them all headphones too, right?

Have a great Monday doing what you love and look for a more focused piece tomorrow.

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