Thursday, July 5, 2018

Unlikely Opponents

I don’t know exactly when it started, but there’s a war going on in my Twitter feed. It’s not a war of words but a war of advertising dominance.

When I go to Twitter I either see this:

Or this:

Notice what is in the second spot of each. An advert. Or promoted content, if you will. For some reason the Popsicle brand and Allan Kittleman are going at it daily in my Twitter feed. It’s kind of funny. This is a political matchup that Howard County was not expecting.

In this heat, Mr. Kittleman is bound to take a drubbing against such a cool, refreshing opponent.

I do not know how social media advertising works and I do not know why someone, somewhere thinks I am a prime target for Popsicle and Kittleman ads. I am assuming that they are tailored to some category I am presumed to fit into, and that not all of you are seeing this unlikely matchup. You may have noticed equally amusing trends on your own Twitter feed.

So far neither ad has influenced my behavior. I feel a bit sorry that advertising dollars are being wasted on me but that’s all in the game, I suppose.

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