Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Staying Local

Yesterday’s feeling of foreboding upon awakening did not get one bit better as the day progressed.

I’m putting in my two weeks commuting daily to Bethesda so my daughter can go to camp. To all of you who regulary do such commutes: I’m sorry. You have my condolences. It is truly a soul-sucking experience.

The drive down yesterday afternoon was made somewhat less dreary by listening to the most recent episode of the Elevate Maryland podcast, with guest Roger Caplan. They continued with the analysis of the primary election begun on the previous episode with Dylan Goldberg. I found what they didn’t discuss almost as fascinating as what they did. More on that later this week, perhaps tomorrow.

A recently-eleminated BOE Candidate popped up on social media last evening making gloom and doom predictions and spreading incendiary rumours. It almost seemed as though her account had been hacked by a previous (ousted) board member. Hmm...One can only wonder how such tactics would have played out had this candidate been elected.

A hair-raising story is making the rounds on social media about how a woman of color was treated in the Wilde Lake CVS. Blogger Jason Booms has more to say on that.

CVS, Columbia, Race, and Justice

I’d love to know who came up with a special tax for people who live in mobile homes. My guess is that it wasn’t anyone who has ever lived in one. I do hope the County can find a way to live without that revenue. Sheesh.

I was thinking a lot yesterday of one particular Howard County candidate who was unabashedly enthusiastic about being “on the Trump train.” I wondered how he was feeling about that yesterday. And I wonder if that will make a difference in local electability in November.

The bad news on the national and international front has been relentless in the last twenty four hours. I’m doing my darndest to stay local.

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