Monday, August 6, 2018

Category 61

Ahhh...category 61. It sounds vaguely mysterious, like Area 51. It’s actually quite straightforward, though. Category 61 is the newest incarnation of my annual attempt to put this blog in the win column in the Howard Readers’ Poll sponsored by Howard Magazine.

This is the link to the poll.

This is category 61.


I can’t explain why I continue to pursue this particular accolade. It has become my yearly Charlie Brown/Lucy/Football experience. Perhaps that should have taught me that some things are not worth caring about, but, here we go again.

I care deeply about the work I put in on the blog. I value the opinion of my readers. It’s that simple.

You can vote once per device, so it won't be a major time commitment. While you are there you can vote in plenty of other local categories as well. At the end of the poll you have an opportunity to write in your ideas for a new category. I have a suggestion: how about best Howard County Podcast?

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