Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Good Stuff

Congratulations to Tom and Cindy Quick, of Cindy’s Spirits, who have, at long last, received the license for the Loft. This is truly a testament to their persistence. I was also heartened by the folks who gave testimony on their behalf at the Liquor Board hearing. The Quicks have clearly earned a trusted place in their community and I feel good about the work they will do in Columbia in their new venture.

Congratulations, too, to Dan Medinger who has purchased the Baltimore Business Journal from owners Becky Magnus and Cathy Yost. I’m all in favor of anyone who believes in local newspapers these days.

I see that the Howard County Library is bring the Undesign the Redline exhibit to their Central Branch. I highly recommend it. Beginning August 16th you will be able to tour the interactive exhibit, which:

...explores the history of structural racism and classism, how these designs compounded each other from redlining maps until today, and how we can come together to undesign these systems with intentionality. (Taken from HCLS event announcement)

I had an opportunity to visit the exhibit when it was at the Enterprise Foundation’s headquarters, and it is truly fascinating. The library is hosting it as a part of its Choose Civility initiative. Please go and tell me what you think.

A belated congratulations to local podcaster extraordinaire and friend of the blog Candace Dodson Reed on her appointment as Chief of Staff at UMBC. You may recall she spear-headed the HoCoForward slate for Democratic Central Committee, which swept the primary. This week she announced her resignation from the DCC, which I know will be quite a loss for the team. I very much admire her ability to make this wise choice in the face of her new job assignment and not overextend herself. It can’t have been easy.

Tomorrow evening I will be braving the wilds of Western HoCo to attend the Howard County Fair. Please send me your suggestions as to what I should see and do.

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