Monday, August 27, 2018


Ah...young love. The intensity which prompts one to celebrate weekiversaries and monthiversaries and recreate the circumstances of one’s first date. Do you remember? Did you ever?

Today’s post is dedicated to some folks near and dear to me who still celebrate the anniversary of their first date.

These are my beloved inlaws, Sam and Joan McCready, out celebrating the sixtieth anniversary of their first date. 60th. Wow.

Romance is not dead, ladies and gentleman.

And I get to bring you this delightful story because the celebration took place right here in Howard County, at the Iron Bridge Wine Company.

From Sam:

The restaurant staff were extraordinarily generous; complimentary prosecco and wonderful chocolate dessert. Another night to remember.

Even better, he still remembers the particulars of the first date:

 We went to see Tyrone Gutrie's production of THE BONEFIRE at the Grand Opera House in Belfast. It was the same week as we were rehearsing HAPPY AS LARRY with Stranmillis College for the Portrush Summer Theatre.

Without the love of these two extraordinarily people, my life would not be full of the love that I enjoy today with their son, and as a member of their family.

Happy Monday. I hope this helps you start it with a smile.

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