Friday, August 3, 2018

Trying Trifecto

I was headed home from a meeting at work and thought I might pop in the Dunkin Donuts in Clarksville for a large iced coffee when I remembered that there was a new place in town that I had wanted to try.


It’s a part of the new Common Kitchen concept going in at Clarksville Commons. One of the owners is a graduate of Howard County Schools, I hear. I knew I could get coffee there. I checked their website to see if I could perhaps get something to go along with it. Hmm...grilled cheese wasn’t really what I had in mind. Maybe some kind of pastry?

I decided to go and find out.

When I walked in it didn’t much look like anything was open. There’s construction going on in the space at the front, but I spied what looked like a shop in the background, so I kept going.

A friendly fellow greeted me and I was happy to see a case of scones on the counter. 


He directed me to a menu. They clearly intend to specialize in a few things and do them well.


I chose a mocha chocolate chip scone. It was just right. Not too sweet. I decided to stay right there instead of taking it with me.


I had a nice chat with my server about the other spaces that will be going in the Common Kitchen. It sounds amazing. I can’t wait to see it all in action. I’ve been impressed by all the activity in Clarksville Commons: farmers market, school groups performing, live music nights, movies in the courtyard and so on. I love their commitment to community place-making. It is shaping up to be what I think a real Village Center ought to be.

Trifecto is getting foot traffic from the other businesses in Clarksville Commons, but they are looking forward to getting the word out to the larger community. I’m thinking that once school starts Trifecto will see an influx of River Hill students looking for a cool new hangout.

Give Trifecto a try. Let me know what you think.

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