Monday, May 18, 2020

New Ventures

Have you started anything new lately? I keep reading suggestions that now is the time to take up a hobby you’ve always been interested in or learn a new language. I’ve done more crafting, but mostly I’m thrilled to be catching on housework that never seems to get fully accomplished while both of us work full time. I suppose you could say that’s something new.

Around town there are a few new ventures of note. The Elevate Maryland podcast now has a weekly e-newsletter. It’s easy to subscribe. Go to their website and look for the Elevated Voices newsletter on the homepage. It’s described as, “a weekly curated list of Maryland’s best political coverage and commentary.” Podcast cohost Tom Coale used to feature a Friday Links column on his blog HoCoRising. The new Elevated Voices newsletter is very much in that vein.

Over at the library, there’s a new blog called Chapter Chats. From Christie Lassen:

Chapter Chats will feature recommendations for materials in our collection (books, movies, music), information about our online content, and news from the Library. You can follow it here ( and on our social media. You'll notice the photo on the blog's home page features Frederick Toad, one of the sculptures in the Enchanted Garden at the Miller Branch. Frederick is practicing good social distancing while he reads his book.

Take a moment to check out the new blog and especially to check out Frederick. He’s adorable.

The Downtown Columbia Partnership has kicked off DTC Radio, a podcast which they describe as “the voice of Downtown Columbia.” You can check them out here. Early episodes feature downtown dining at Cured/18th & 21st, and a talk with Columbia Council member Deb Jung, hosted by DTC Director Phillip Dodge. 

Is there something new happening that you think I ought to know about? Tell me here. In the meantime, happy Monday! Have you mailed in your ballot yet?

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