Saturday, September 11, 2021



Dear friends and readers, there is nothing I can say today that is the right thing. I’ve been searching for the right words as this day approached and last night came upon this from Amanda Zamora, co-founder and publisher of The 19th News:

As a journalist who has spent the better part of two decades planning and executing news — including anniversary coverage — I just can’t deal with the saturation of 9/11 news right now. It is e-ver-y-where. And we are already struggling to survive the overwhelm. 

I just can’t.

Yes. This is it. 

I have so many things running through my head and they all feel sacrilegious and wrong. More than anything else I am convinced that the world does not need my take on this today. The best thing I can do is to wish peace and healing to all for whom this day lands heavily.

The one piece I would readily recommend today is this by Howard County resident and Navy veteran Laura Newberger. Many thanks to Howard County Progress Report for bringing it to my attention.

My 9/11 Story

In closing, a blessing. Or at least it feels like one to me. These words from local writer Mike Morucci have become as much a part of this day for me as my own memories.

If you want to do something in honor of 9/11, acknowledge a stranger, a fellow human, instead of ignoring or (worse) fearing them.

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