Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Two Sides

Yesterday when I went looking for “the photographs I can’t escape” I thought I might find them on the CA website. I didn’t. But I did find something surprising: a blog.

To be honest, I think I knew that the Columbia Association had a blog at some point but had long since forgotten. Why? Because they don’t promote it. I checked their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds to be sure. Nope, nothing. Blogs can’t thrive without readers and, in my opinion, reader feedback, so this puzzles me.

The two most recent posts intrigued me. They might be of interest to you, as well.

Open Letter: Inclusion at the Lakefront

A Statement on the Resignations of Members of CA’s Board of Directors

Both are dated September 10, 2021. The first piece is a response to a recent letter to the editor printed in the Columbia Flier. (I mentioned it here.) The second is a business-like, matter-of-fact announcement that two of the CA Board members have resigned.*

I am not here to critique or review these. If you live in Columbia, or are interested in Columbia goings-on, you probably want to read them. If CA wants people to read their blog they might want to put themselves out there a bit more. Just a thought.

I was disappointed that I didn’t get any captions or backstories for those photos yesterday. But, it was a Monday. I’m going to give you a do-over. Here they are. (These photos are the property of the Columbia Association.

And one more thing from yesterday’s post. When I think of a renowned local musician in Columbia/HoCo, the name Damon Foreman comes to mind.  What about you? Mr. Foreman has played at those Lakefront Concerts pretty regularly. I’d also love to see Alan Scott Band, Marvillous Beats, JayMoney Hackett…

Update: an astute reader pointed out Lavenia Nesmith as a renowned local musician and now I am going to go soak my head in milk because I can’t believe I blanked on that. She is fabulous!

Any suggestions?


*Somehow I doubt it’s as business-like and matter-of-fact as they describe it.

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