Thursday, September 23, 2021

Update and Recomendations


An update on yesterday’s post: board member Antonia Watts provides an update on her Facebook page and indicates that Superintendent Martirano will speak on this issue at today’s Board Meeting. I look forward to hearing what he has to say.

Recommended reading: local blogger Frank Hecker’s series on Howard County Council Redistricting. So far:

A bigger Howard County needs a bigger county council 

A more diverse Howard County needs a more diverse county council

A Howard County concerned about equity needs a more equitable way to elect its county council

Mr. Hecker is, to me, the definition of someone who does their homework when setting out to cover a subject. Take a look if you have time. 

This weekend: “Maryland Winds, Music from stage and screen” at the Chrysalis. The concert is Sunday at five pm and it is free. Reserve your tickets here at Eventbrite.

One more recommended read:

Howard County Sports Q&A: Oakland Mills volleyball senior Zhenzhu Nelson, Jacob Calvin Meyer, Baltimore Sun

The bit that intrigued me: 

But Nelson, now a senior, is much more than just a volleyball player. She’s also a member of Oakland Mills’ wrestling and track teams, a former competitive pianist and a self-described “bookworm.” 

Local journalists give you local stories that you can’t find anywhere else. This article is a good reminder.

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