Wednesday, September 15, 2021


This past week I splurged on a home delivery of Taharka Brothers Ice Cream. They got me with an online advert describing two limited flavors: Watermelon Sorbet and Peach Crisp. I eagerly awaited the delivery on Sunday.

But when it arrived I was sad to see that Peanut Butter Cup had been mistakenly included rather than Peach Crisp. Not a big deal except that 1) I hate peanut butter and 2) Peach Crisp was about to cease production for the season. I reached out to the folks at Taharka and worked out a deal to drive to their factory in Baltimore and pick up my pint. I didn’t think they should have to come to Columbia just for that.

Sure enough, when I arrived, the gentleman I had spoken with was waiting for me and presented me with two pints of peach crisp for my trouble. It was a perfectly lovely experience all around plus I got the adventure of driving through the Hamden/Woodberry area and marveling at all the quirky restaurants and businesses there. I am now particularly curious about an establishment called “The Queen’s Truckstaurant.”

A shoutout to the first fellow I talked to at Taharka who said, “Now, I’m going to be in and out today because I’m having a baby over here.” I wished him the best of luck.

I had another similar experience this week when I arranged to have the interior of my car cleaned/detailed.I had emptied it all out to take my daughter to college and it truly hasn’t been entirely empty more than once or twice in its existence. (It’s a teacher thing.) I thought this called for a celebration.

Or at least a good cleaning.

I’d seen numerous recommendations online for Antonio Artis who owns Dream Auto Detailing. I decided to give them a shot. The price was affordable for me and we set up an appointment for Saturday. Then I got a text that his team was running late. Two hours later they still weren’t there because were still looking for a necessary product for cleaning my car. 

I was not a happy camper and I canceled the service.

Mr. Artis reached out to me on Monday and clearly wanted a chance to get this right. I rescheduled for Tuesday. He and employee Kaelin arrived early. Kaelin worked for hours to get the interior of my car to a state of perfection that may be superior to what it was when we bought it new. He used fragrance-free products at my request and I was thrilled that there were no strongly chemical fumes when he was done.

Getting good service is always a thrill as far as I am concerned. But there’s something special (and very telling) about companies who go the extra mile for the customer after a bumpy start. It’s mind-boggling to me when businesses are rude, deny responsibility, or offer no opportunity for redress. That’s just bad business. When you have that kind of experience you 1) cross the business off your list and 2) tell your friends.

On the other hand, the companies who work to make things right are the ones you return to again and again. Treating your customers like respected human beings builds loyalty. Plus, they tell their friends.

A tip of the hat to employee-owned Taharka Brothers Ice Cream and to Antonio Artis (Dream Auto Detailing.) They made my week and earned my loyalty.

And I’m telling my friends.

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