Thursday, March 24, 2022

Close to Home


My first pandemic birthday featured eating Indian takeaway with my family via Zoom and playing games with Jackbox. It was weird. I may have cried. 

My second pandemic birthday…wait. What did we do last year?  I am drawing a blank. 

Oh, yes! We waited until April when my younger daughter would be vaccinated and then we did the family get together face to face. Accompanied by dinner from Flavors of India. On my actual birthday we celebrated with those adorable little cakes that have taken the town by storm. It was a good deal more hopeful than the celebration the year before.

My third pandemic birthday…yes, it’s still a pandemic for me, because of lung issues. We would have been eating at a restaurant outside last night had the weather cooperated. (Boo, rain.) Instead we had takeaway from Aida Bistro in Gateway, which was wonderful. We still love Indian food but I was feeling adventurous. And Aida Bistro had the best gluten free choices for my older daughter, which was a delightful discovery.

As for dessert:

Here you see a lemon meringue pie made by my mother-in-law with help from my younger daughter. It was as delicious as it looks. Leftovers just might be breakfast.

One unexpected moment came when my older daughter and my mother in law realized they had both been having dinner at Charleston in Harbor East on the same night - - at the same time - - but somehow never saw each other. Sheesh. I need to get out more.

Maybe next year.

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