Thursday, March 17, 2022

Love, Honor, and Education


One of these people you probably know. The other you definitely should know, and that’s why I’m writing today. On the left is journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones speaking at this year’s Books in Bloom event. On the right is Roy Peart, the late father of Althea Hanson of Althea’s Almost Famous . This may be the only place where you see these two photos side by side but there’s a reason. Both Hannah-Jones and Peart are being honored by becoming the namesakes of scholarships at Howard Community College.

You may have already seen the local announcements from the Howard Hughes Corporation about the Nikole Hannah-Jones Scholarship.

The Howard Hughes Corporation Announces Nikole Hannah-Jones Scholarship in Honor of Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Who Created the “1619 Project”. 

The Howard Hughes Corporation, the developer of Downtown Columbia, has established a scholarship in honor of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones, creator of the “1619 Project” for The New York Times Magazine.

The $10,000 Nikole Hannah-Jones Scholarship will be presented to two Black or African American seniors attending Howard County public high schools who have been accepted to attend college. Each year, two $5,000 scholarships will be awarded. HHC created the scholarship in partnership with Hannah-Jones and the Community Foundation of Howard County, who will administer the awards under the umbrella of the foundation’s scholarship program.

Now I want to tell you about Roy Peart.  From his obituary:

Roy was an amazing singer. His songs and graceful voice would bring smiles to many people's faces. His love for music and dancing was great.

The Roy Peart Scholarship for HCC Students Roy Peart worked for Howard Community College for 18 years where he was loved and appreciated by both students and co-workers. Roy was an amazing singer bringing smiles to everyone. He was also known for his jokes that would make laugh for days. 

Mr. Peart’s family is establishing a scholarship at HCC in memory of their father. Because of his deep love of the arts, the scholarship will be used to support students pursuing theatre, music, or dance. On Thursday, March 22nd, Ms. Hanson will be bringing her Althea’s Almost Famous food truck to the HCC Campus for a fundraiser to support the scholarship fund. Apple Core Desserts will also be participating in this event.

Come over to the HCC campus on Thursday, March 22nd to enjoy some delicious food and to support Mr. Peart’s family as they create a lasting memorial to their beloved father through education at a place he loved and served faithfully for eighteen years. 

Gifts can come from many different sources. The benevolence of a multi-million dollar corporation to establish a scholarship at a local community college is both welcome and exciting. The determination of a family to transform their grief at losing their beloved father into an ongoing gift to the community is every bit as welcome and exciting, if not moreso. Both will have lasting benefits.

The Roy Peart Scholarship is one that we as community members can be a part of. If you knew Mr. Peart at HCC, or love Althea’s amazing food, or want to support arts education at Howard Community College, come on out on March 22nd to the The Roy Peart Scholarship Fundraiser Celebration.

If you can’t make it to the event you can donate directly to the scholarship fund here: 

Roy Peart Scholarship Fund (Howard Community College Educational Foundation)

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