Thursday, March 31, 2022

Spring Preview?


Today’s weather hardly feels inspirational. The look on my husband’s face when I reminded him it was trash day is pretty much the look I’ve had for the last little while as the promise of Spring turned into something more like a mean spirited hoax. I don’t have much faith at the moment about a real, honest to goodness Spring where the temperatures warm steadily and flowers and trees open up and display their beauty.

This year’s preview of Spring has left me wanting to cancel my subscription and get my deposit back. 

Even if I don’t have faith at the moment, it’s probably a good thing that the folks at Clarksville Commons do. This Saturday, April 2nd, they are holding a Spring Preview Farmers Market.

SPRING FARMERS MARKET THIS SATURDAY! Don't let today's weather scare you away from a great weekend of food,  homemade goods, and LIVE music by Mike Walls. 

Now the Market itself is on Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm, but presumably you’ll be happy all weekend if you start out there. Not an order, just a suggestion.

Some of the expected food vendors include:

Clark's Elioak Farm 

Metro Microgreens

Hensing's Hilltop Acres, LLC 

Great Harvest Bread Co. Columbia MD 


Chez Tania 

Dimitri Olive Oil 

Althea's Almost Famous 

DWP Bakery 

Heka Saucery, LLC 

Mochi Donuts 

My weather app forecasts that it will be sunny with a high of 54. Not exactly toasty but then, I guess should be grateful it’s not snow.

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