Wednesday, March 16, 2022



I had a bit of a laugh when this morning when I realized that, due to the opening of a new business, my home is now conveniently located between two Dunkin Donuts.


5880 Robert Oliver Pl, Columbia, MD 21045, at the Oakland Mills Village Center


9200 Old Annapolis Rd, Columbia, MD 21045, on Route 108 at the other end of Thunder Hill Road

And me, I’m somewhere between the two. Almost in a straight line. Each is not equidistant to my house - - that would be too perfect - - but it’s still pretty hilarious. If Walgreen’s bills itself as being “at the corner of happy and healthy” then maybe we should bill our house as “the connector between two Dunkin Donuts.”

Oh, my. Despite my life-long love of donuts and my unalloyed enjoyment of those large iced coffees even I know I should probably strive to be more like Walgreen’s and less like Dunkin.

Last night I was looking at a real estate listing for a house in Clary’s Forest which was quite lovely. The interior finishes were completely compatible with my tastes, and, as you know, I can be quite picky. I found myself wishing I could pick up the house and plop it down in Oakland Mills. Sure, it was a great house, but it just wasn’t convenient to all the businesses, places, and people that I love. This could mean that I have become a stick in the mud over the years and have become averse to change.

Or it could be that I legitimately love where I live. 

Real estate adverts often use that term, “conveniently located” to mention easy access to schools, shops, local amenities, important commuter roads or transit. What about you? If you were describing your home, what would be the selling point for the “convenience” of your location? It can be serious or silly. You choose. I chose something silly this morning but I just as easily could have mentioned our proximity to great schools, the Oakland Mills Farmer’s Market, CA pools and pathway system, Routes 175 and 29, the Oakland Mills Village Center, the Ice Skating Rink, the pedestrian bridge across Route 29, the newly opened Laura’s Place Playground at Blandair Park…

Am I going a bit overboard? Maybe.

Anyway, now it’s your turn. Come on over to the comments section on Facebook and tell me about your convenient location. Not your actual address, mind you. This is not a data mining operation. Just a basic, “my home, conveniently located near…”

Maybe it’s a snowball stand, or a house that has fabulous decorations every Christmas. Maybe it’s an easy route across town, a scenic vista, or your favorite coffee place. Or an easy walk to your child’s school. In real estate it’s all about location.

So, what’s great about yours?

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