Wednesday, June 22, 2022



So it turns out that yesterday was National Selfie Day (who knew?) but I’m pretty sure that the photo I featured in yesterday’s blog does not qualify. This one: 

But, while I was contemplating what a picture of Columbia looks like, the Columbia Association was gearing up for a different kind of photo project. From their website:

Become the Face of Columbia Association

The best thing about Columbia is YOU!

We’re making updates to the CA website to make it:

Faster to find facility information

Clearer to learn about programs

Easier to get involved in Columbia’s best activities

We need you!

… to help us show the places and spaces that make Columbia unique. And you get access to the professional photos of you and your family for FREE.

Volunteer to be part of our upcoming photoshoots.

Everyone is invited, everyone is welcome


Groups of friends


Whole families

What’s involved?

Come and enjoy our programs and facilities – have fun, no matter your membership level

Sign a photo release form (so we can use the images on the CA website and other marketing and communications materials)

Get copies of the photos that you feature in – share them with your friends and family!

Does this invitation spark your interest? Do you enjoy having your picture taken? Follow up at this link: Face of CA.

Years ago I was included in a Columbia Association promotional video while doing my job as an afterschool care provider. So I’ve had my two seconds of being the face of CA. Now it’s your turn. I can think of some folks right off who’d be perfect for this, but, I’m not going to name any names. 

Maybe it will be you.

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