Thursday, June 23, 2022

Thursday’s Top Ten


There’s no lack of local things right now to write about. There might be too many, I suppose. But the little light switch that goes on in my head to allow me to write is malfunctioning this morning. Perhaps it’s a lack of sunlight. Perhaps there’s just too much to assimilate. 

Here’s a sampling:

  • The current political season 
  • The County Executive’s announcement of an LGBTQ+ Commission
  • Upcoming Independence Day festivities in Columbia/HoCo
  • Final days of the old Talbott Springs Elementary School
  • New restaurants opening
  • CA Board meeting reviews on The Merriweather Post: citizen journalism?
  • Upcoming girls and boys Nike National High School Lacrosse Showcase at Blandair Park, to be televised live
  • The Board of Education race
  • Local attitudes towards renting vs owning 
  • Why e-scooters?
That last one: not a criticism. I’m just curious.

Bonus question today comes from the Columbia Conversation account on Facebook:

Do you consider Columbia a city-like suburb or a suburb-like city? Why?

I’ll be back tomorrow with F ³: Free Form Friday. If you have opinions on any of the above local topics, or  have any topics of your own to suggest, please chime in here:

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