Saturday, June 11, 2022

What He Said


Last night as I looked at posts on Facebook from happy friends at Lakefest, I realized I hadn’t really written a darn thing about it. My apologies. On the other hand, there has been so much online promotion I feel sure that most people know by now. This picture made me smile:

 Long-time Columbia residents are familiar with these statues at the Lakefront. Often referred to as simply “the Rouse Brothers”, the statue by William Duffy is called “Dealings.” From the Columbia Association website:

“Dealings,” a bronze life-size sculpture by William Duffy, portrays James Rouse, founder of Columbia and The Rouse Company, and his brother Willard, who served as executive vice president. It is the only sculptural representation of James Rouse in the city he created and was installed in July 2002 by CA in honor of Columbia’s 35th birthday. James Rouse died in 1996; the statue reminds people of his vision for a better city for all people. “Dealings” was originally commissioned in 1986 by Rouse and Associates, a development firm headed by Willard’s son Bill Rouse, and placed at the entrance to its Columbia office in Symphony Woods Office Center on South Entrance Road. The piece was commissioned to honor the caring nature and wisdom of the Rouse family and the memory of Willard, who died in the early 1970s.

I do think it’s interesting that the statue is named “Dealings.” Many folks have a hard time with that word and what the concept entails these days. Clearly it was not a dirty word then, well, at least not to them, anyway.

I’ve seen these two partying it up for the 50th birthday of The People Tree.

During the worst of the pandemic they modeled masking but were limited in their ability to show appropriate physical distancing.

A thoughtful local has occasionally protected them from winter weather. (Still looking for that photo.) Here it is!

Photo by Jake Smith, February 22, 2015

Now that someone has put words in their mouths (via speech balloons) who knows what might happen? They might have quite a bit to say. 

I’m hoping they won’t get involved in the county council race, but: you never know. 

Of course you should visit Lakefest this weekend if you can. It’s a very cool Columbia tradition and it’s free. Don’t forget to bring money for snacks and drinks, a blanket for sitting on the grass and enjoying live performances, and, if you are so moved, visit the art vendors and find something you like to take home. 

But, because I am who I am and you know I can’t resist - - take a look at our two fellows below and tell me what you think they might be saying. You know where to post your thoughts. 

As always, you can be funny, off-beat, or serious, but keep any mean-spirited thoughts to yourself.

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