Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Sip n Play


Between end-of-school-year celebrations and political events, a lot of you are probably maxed out right now. Still, you might have time for something completely unrelated…and fun.

Tonight, at Black Flag Brewing Company, you can attend an evening of board games hosted by Aleventures. As always, here’s the tweet that caught my eye:

While you're there, enjoy a Haze and Haze Accessories IPA if you think you'll like a light and fruity IPA with Incognito and Spectrum hops. Or try one of their many other delicious refreshments!

Aleventures is an event-hosting company based in Frederick, started by Ryan Chite and Michael Sayago in 2021. According to an article in the Frederick News Post, it all came about like this:

Occasionally, the pair would take board games to play at local bars and breweries. They always wondered why bars do trivia nights and not board game nights.

“I think when you’re sitting down on your weekends to play board games and drink beers,” Sayago said, “naturally the conversation turns to, ‘Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could just make a living playing board games and drinking beers?’”

How does it work? They host the event and bring the games. You show up, learn some new games, play, have some fun. And just maybe you buy some of the games you’ve enjoyed to take home with you. The venue (in this case Black Flag) benefits from your patronage. Aleventures benefits from the sale of games and from the long-term investment in growing the gaming community. They describe themselves as follows:

Aleventures provides curated game nights to scale. We create a tailored package fit for private gatherings or public events.

A big part of what this means is that they make it their business to know the games they present inside and out. They’re able to explain the rules clearly and get people playing successfully without a lot of head scratching or struggle. Having lived through a number of family game nights through the years, I can see how their expertise is a huge plus.

If you’re interested in learning more, visit their website, follow them on Twitter @aleventuresxp , Instagram: Aleventures  TwitchTV: aleventures , and they even have some videos pertaining to game play on YouTube: Aleventures.

Public Service Announcement:

I continue to be committed to presenting equal time for events that are not alcohol-centric. Even though these folks clearly have “ale” right in the name, I wonder if they’d be open to hosting sober events as well. I’ll reach out to them and get back to you. 

Speaking of sober events, I’ve been seeing the good folks of Sobar out and about at quite a few local events lately. I think it’s about time to catch up with them and see what they are up to. 

If you head out to Black Flag tonight for some games, let me know what you think.

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